The Menard County SWCD Board of Directors meets on the first Wednesday of each month

at 1:30 p.m. at the SWCD office at

106 Bevans Street, Menard, TX 76859

Watch for details re monthly meeting changes due to Covid-19  

The San Saba River Flows Through Menard County

and Downtown City of Menard

The Menard County SWCD   Board of Directors

 will meet 


January 6, 2021

at 1:30 p.m.


Zoom video and teleconference meeting


The Agenda below includes

 phone number, meeting ID, passcode

and complete instructions

for public participation  


January 6, 2021

              Current Directors and Staff

Billy A. Kniffen, Member                                Zone 1

Jerry Kidd, Member                                        Zone 2

Benny Fred Kothmann, Chairman                 Zone 3

J. W. Jennings, Vice Chairman                      Zone 4

Gary Treadwell, Secretary/Treasurer            Zone 5 

Charlotte Albrecht, Business Manager

Menard County SWCD Directors, left to right:  Gary Treadwell, Secretary/Treasurer; Benny Fred Kothmann, Chairman; J. W. Jennings, Vice Chairman; Billy Kniffen and Jerry Kidd.  

Kendria Ray (center), TSSWCB Area II Rep, congratulates Menard County SWCD Directors on their service certificates.  Gary Treadwell (left), was recognized for 20 years' service, 1997-2017 and Dick Runge (right), was honored for 50 years' service, 1967-2017.  Treadwell continues to serve as Director of Zone 5.  Runge retired as Director of Zone 4.    


Menard County Soil and Water Conservation District #215   P O Box 665  Menard, TX 76859  325-396-4708

Office location:  106 Bevans St., Menard, TX 76859