Menard County SWCD #215 was formed in 1944 to assist people in Menard County with improving, restoring and protecting the integrity of land and water resources.

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Menard County Sunset


Historic Dutch Water Wheel in Downtown Menard

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Menard County SWCD Directors:  November 1967

A. J. McWilliams, Richard Runge, John H.Treadwell, Roger Q. Landers, John L. Royal


Menard County

Soil and Water Conservation District #215

Celebrates 75 Years


Menard County SWCD # 215 celebrated its 75th year starting March 15th, 2019. In 1943 area producers worked on a conservation plan that had to be approved before the district could become an official SCD (Soil Conservation District). The official formation papers for Menard County SCD were signed on March 15, 1944.


The first District Board Members were H.H. Mears, Chairman; John M.Treadwell, Vice Chairman; Roy Benson, Secretary/Treasurer; Max Ficker Jr., Member; and O.C. Jones, Member; assisting Conservationist was Mr. Lumm.


Some of the first practices were brush work, terracing, cover crops (Hubam clover), closed terrace, pitting, diversions, decreased stocking rates and improved irrigation practices.


1946 -- A Memorandum of Understanding between Menard County SCD and the Soil 

Conservation Service USDA was signed by Vice Chairman, Max Ficker Jr.; Secretary, John L. Royal, and Chief of Soil Conservation Service USDA, H.H. Bennett.


1947 -- Thirty-five plans were prepared, signed and completed for 74,989 acres.

The District became a member of Save the Soil and Save Texas program that was sponsored by the Fort Worth Press in 1948. The District purchased seeders, fertilizer spreaders, etc. to lease to producers to implement conservation practices.


Cooperating producers gave tours to show conservation practice results and how they improved or impacted the land. 


1951-- The Farmers Home Administration was formed and started providing some monetary aid and loans.


1956 -- Entering and Leaving Menard County SCD signs were put up. Ten fish ponds were fertilized and managed. These were formed from closed terrace like structures.


The District’s goals are still the same. To improve the soil health, soil productivity and thus increase soil water retention. More information as it is uncovered, discovered, or recovered.


Menard County SWCD # 215 has been serving Menard County producers for over seventy-five years.   


The Menard County SWCD #215 was established in April of 1944.  The original Directors were:

                   Roy Benson          Zone 1

                   O.C. Jones            Zone 2

                   Max Ficker            Zone 3

                   J. M. Treadwell     Zone 4

                   H. H. Mears          Zone 5  

History of Menard County SWCD

District Conservationists

Pat Trew

Mark Nash

Bob Walkup

Audrey Baker

Ed Andrews

Bill Kirkpatrick

Don Newhouse

Clyde Goodman

Ken Cunningham

Mike Black

Gary Deitiker

Adolpho Perez

Charles Anderson

Gary Bates

Chris Casaday:  current NRCS DC

History of Menard County SWCD

TSSWCB Area II Field Reps

Lonzo Stewart

Barry Jefferson

Moe Seidensticker

Joe Freeman

Kendria Ray:  current Area II Field Rep