Menard County SWCD recognizes the importance of training our teachers and students regarding conservation, preservation and restoration of our natural resources.  We are pleased to sponsor youth and teacher workshops and provide tuition for educators and students to attend.  

For further information on youth and teacher workshops listed below, registration forms or tuition, please call

the Menard County SWCD office at 325-396-4708

Menard ISD student Conie Flutsch attended the 2019 TSSRM Youth Range Workshop through tuition provided by MCSWCD.

Pictured left to right:

Errett Edmiston, McCulloch SWCD #249 Director; Chris Casaday, USDA-NRCS District Conservationist in the Menard Field Office and Kendria Ray, TSSWCB Area 2 Field Rep, at TSSRM's Youth Range Workshop held June 23-28, 2019 at TTU/Junction.

TSSRM  Youth Range Workshop

    The Texas Section Society for Range Management (TSSRM) sponsors an annual 5-day Youth Range Workshop for eligible high school students in June at the Texas Tech University Center in Junction, Texas.  Students attend sessions on leadership, small group working skills, grasses, range management, soils, water resource management and other ecological practices.     

    Each year, Menard County SWCD, Texas AgriLife Extension Service, and 4-H cook the Monday evening meal for YRW participants. 

     Menard County SWCD will help find financing for any student that wishes to attend YRW.   


Annual SWCD Educator Workshop

2020 Workshop Postponed Until 2021 

Watch for Summer 2021 Dates

Local teachers Linda Palmer and Myghan Meadows attended the first Land Stewardship Institute in June 2018.  MCSWCD was proud to provide tuition for both educators to attend.  

    A new annual teacher workshop was held at TTU/Junction in June 2018.  Last summer's event, called Land Stewardship 101, was attended by 28 educators from across the state.

    Attendees were treated to a hamburger cookout one evening.  It was served by the three sponsoring SWCDs:  Menard County SWCD, McCullough County SWCD and Upper Llanos SWCD (Kimble county).  Chris Casaday, Menard County NRCS DC, manned the grill to cook the crowd-pleasing burgers.

    The workshop is also sponsored by the Texas State Soil and Water Conservation Board (TSSWCB) and Texas Tech University-Junction.  

   Most of the participants were provided tuition scholarships by their local SWCDs or employers.

  Organizers of the workshop note that the 2019 Educator Workshop "will include the skills and teaching methods to engage students in science, nature and conservation.  The workshop will emphasize stewardship of Texas' natural resources and development of a personal land ethic.  Participants will engage in hands-on experiences in conservation topics related to soils, water quality, land ethics and health, biodiversity, plant ID, habitat and management."  

    The lovely TTU/Junction campus is located on the South Llano River and there will be plenty of outdoor activities during the workshop.

Local educators interested in attending should contact Menard County SWCD at 325-396-4708.     



Held annually, first Wednesday in October

Call the Menard County SWCD office regarding CEU workshops: 



October 2, 2019

The Menard County SWCD and AgriLife Extension held their annual CEU Training Wednesday, October 2, 2019  at the Murchison-Whitehead Complex. This year we had 66 in attendance. The program allowed for 5 CEU credits:  

  • Laws and Regulations, by Cory Pence, TDA Regional Training Specialist, Region 4: Laws and Regulations for Applying, Storing, Disposing and Record Keeping

  • IPM by Dillon DeMuth, Corteva Representative:  Methods of Brush Control and Best Management Practices

  • Drift by Dr. Allan McGinty, Professor Emeritus, Bayer Representative:  Managing Range and Pasture Herbicide Applications to Minimize Drift

  • General by Ryan McClintock, NRCS Wildlife Biologist:  Pollinators and Pollinators Habitat Management

  • General by Josh Helcel, Extension Associate of Texas Natural Resource Institute:  Wild Pigs: Biology, Impact and Control

 An additional program was offered by Christy Burch, TPWD Regional GIS Specialist, on Using GIS in Agriculture and by Dr. Megan Clayton, AgriLife  Range Specialist, on Using Drones in Agriculture. Conie Flutsch, Menard High School TSSRM Youth Range Workshop participant, talked about her experience at camp.


We extend a huge thank you to all of our presenters.  They all did an awesome job according to attendee comments.  A great BBQ lunch was catered by 2nd Hand Smoke and sponsored by Central Texas Farm Credit. Many thanks to Central Texas Farm Credit, who has been a great supporter of Menard County SWCD, 4-H and AgriLife events.   

Menard County SWCD Directors wish to thank all who attended and so made the day quite a success. 

Some of the featured speakers at the 2019 CEU Range Workshop, held at the Murchison-Whitehead Complex in Menard on October 2, 2019 

Dr. Megan Clayton, AgriLife Range Specialist

Ryan McClintock, NRCS Wildlife Biologist

Dr. Alan McGinty, Professor Emeritus, Bayer Representative

Christy Burch, TPWD GIS Specialist

Josh Helcel, Extension Associate, Texas Natural Resource Institute

MCSWCD Director and Business Manager attend the

2019 Leadership Development Workshop in Temple


    The annual Leadership Development Workshop for updating SWCD Directors and employees was held February 20 and 21, 2019 in Temple, Texas. MCSWCD Director Billy Kniffen and Business Manager Charlotte Albrecht attended the comprehensive two-day workshop. 

    The program included Organization and Functions of the Association of Texas Soil and Water Conservation Districts (ATSWCD); function of Texas Conservation Association for Water and Soil (TCAWS); "Things to Beware of and Things to Be Aware of" at SWCD Board meetings by Area II TSSWCB Field Rep Kendria Ray; SWCD responsibilities in managing state and federal funds; Open Meetings Act training; Texas Public Information Act training; responsibilities of SWCD Directors; parliamentary procedure review and SWCDs' responsibilities in working with the legislative process. 

    Attendees from across the state enjoyed a meet and greet social with fajita supper.  The workshop concluded with a tour of the TSSWCB building.  

MCSWCD Director Billy Kniffen attended the 2019 Leadership Development Workshop in February in Temple, TX.  MCSWCD Business Manager Charlotte Albrecht also attended the comprehensive two-day workshop designed to update District Directors and staff members on a wide variety of topics.  

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